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Try the air chair, sky ski, wake foil, hover glide and hydrofoil rentals today.  The wakefoil and flying surfboard are the newest water sport to hit the market and are so much fun to learn.  We offer all the equipment to enjoy the hoverglide and any age can learn to do these water sports.  We are one of the only wake sport companies that offers air chair, wakefoiler and sky ski rentals.  Air chair is a water sport where you sit on a seat with a long three foot hydrofoil at the bottom; as the boat starts moving your body is completely lifted out of the water because of the hydrofoil.   Your position on the seat will alter the direction and height of the Airchair.  The wakefoil water sport is where you stand on the surfboard and the hydrofoil is in the water and by balancing on the hoverglide you can move up and down or side to side.  You can wakefoil with or without a handle (depending on skill level), truly an amazing feeling gliding on the water!

Wakefoil Hydroglide

Air Chair and Sky Ski

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