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Offering the best surf boat rental fleet available at all lakes, rivers, and reservoirs in the United States.  We are the official watercraft rental service company with the largest and nicest selection of high-quality water sports and surf boats period!  Experience the selection of our boat rentals with the new MasterCraft X24 which holds 18 passengers.  Enjoy the MasterCraft X-Star allowing up to 15 passengers, and the MasterCraft X30 allowing up to 16 people.   The MasterCraft NXT22 seating up to 14 people.  The MasterCraft XT 21 with a seating capacity of 14 passengers.  The MasterCraft NXT20 seats 11 people and the MasterCraft X22 Surf Edition seats up to 16 people!

MasterCraft X24 Surf Edition (18 Person) is our most amazing surf boat on the market period!  The X24 is the command of surf and was named the most impressive wake maker in the industry.  This surf boat is the new generation of wake performance and the ultimate way to make the waves exactly how you want them.  Starting with 4300 pounds of ballast, you will be blown away at the ease of use and epic waves.  The Gen 2 Surf System is the ultimate combination of easy profiles, wave customization, and performance—so everyone on board can catch the perfect swell.  This wake boat is fully loaded with all the options you can imagine, plus more!

MasterCraft X22 Surf Edition (16 Person) is considered the second-best surf and wake boat rental.  The X22 tech dash features dual screens for ultimate control.  The layout is comfortable and built for those long days on the water with everything you need to make things super comfy.  The wake and surf performance will drop jaws thanks to the 3550 pounds of ballast paired with the versatile Gen 2 Surf System. Enjoy 4-minute fill times with FastFill high-speed pumps, and the responsive Switchback Ballast Tank lets your step up your summer with stunning ease.  This boat is fully loaded with all the upgraded options!

MasterCraft X-Star (15 Person) is the king of wake boats and seats up to 15 passengers.  It has the largest 522 hp  Ilmore 7000 MPI 7.4 liter high-performance engine.  This boat creates huge waves with the new Gen2 surf system; with a push of a button, you control the wave for either side and any rider.  Options include; perfect pass, bi-mini top, shower, hydraulic steering, heater, fusion Bluetooth system, video player, trim tab, surf tabs, underwater lighting, 3000 lbs of ballast tanks, built-in cooler, ZFT4 wakeboard tower with lights and speakers, and so much more!  This boat has a tri-hull design with a 74-gallon tank.  Length is 24′ with a 102″ beam.  This is the best wake boat rental on the market by far, period!

MasterCraft X-30 (16 people).  Great all-around ski, surf, and tube boar rental for large groups!  Length is 23’5” long and 102” wide.  Stores 65 gallons of gas lasting 8-12 hours.  With a sleek design and a 6.2 liter 400 hp engine this is one of our most desired boats.  Options include tower lights and speakers, Gen2Surf system, surf tabs, bi-mini top, perfect pass, cooler, heater, shower, depth finder, iPod interface with blue tooth, air and water temp gauge, trim tab, and much more!

MasterCraft XT21 (14 Person) Rent this amazing surf, ski, and wake boat in a classic-bowed versatile ride and surround yourself with the funniest water sports toys.  Start up the Ilmor 5000 engine and let it roar. Then make the surf flow behind the boat via the powerful and innovative Gen 2 Surf System.  Kick it in high style on the convertible transom seat.  Enjoy all the upgraded options with bi-mini top, digital gauge, surf setting, 2,600 lbs ballast tanks, tons of storage, and much more!

MasterCraft NXT22 (14 people) seating capacity and storage for all the fun water toys.  Length is 22′ with a pickle fork open bow.  Some features are the billet aluminum, etched logo badges, a color screen, wakeboard tower with board racks, tower speakers with premium sound system, blue tooth, heater, Gen 2 Surf system, perfect pass, bi-mini top premium puncture-resistant vinyl.  This is our best-value wakeboard boat for the size and still gives you all the goodies.

MasterCraft NXT20 (11 people)  Don’t let this boat fool you; this is a value-class surf and wake maker that fits any riding style whether it be surfing, wakeboarding, tubing, or water skiing.  The boat comes with GPS speed control, a digital screen, a built-in cooler, Gen2 surf system, surf tabs, bi- mini top, swim platform, tower speakers, blue tooth with USB, a lot of under-seating storage, wakeboard tower, an all-around impressive fit and finish.

Offering the best surf boat rentals at all freshwater boating lakes, rivers, and reservoirs in Nevada, Arizona, California, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, Montana, South Dakota, Washington, Nebraska, Idaho, Wyoming, and all lakes in the United States that allow boating and water sport activities.

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