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MasterCraft X24 Boat Charter

Invert Sports only uses the most advanced boats from MasterCraft for our guided charter boats, lake cruises, water sports, and boat tours. The X24, X22, and X-Star!  Easily the nicest boat on the water, you will be the envy of the lake riding behind these unbelievable machines. The X24 has room for 18 passengers and throws a wake worthy of the best riders around for wakeboarding or wake surfing, but also gives the water skier a flat wake to get the perfect rooster tail.

This charter boat is perfect for whatever water sport activity you choose. If you have ever dreamed of cruising around the lake on the ultimate boat tour you have got to come and hit the water with us! Our X24's seats up to 18 people, and has a 430 hp engine; enough power and speed for any size group!

From Mastercraft.com:

The X24 tosses back massive, defined wakes that float riders to the flats. With a new, refined ZeroFlex tower system, pulls are pure, as is the sound from the standard Clarion / JL audio system howling to the tune of 500 watts with iPod hookup. Slow it down to 13 mph, hop on a wakesurfer and you’ll think you washed up on Huntington Beach, with huge curls that allow you to surf as long as your legs hold out...

MasterCraft X-Star Boat Charter

If you are looking for a boat charter used for water recreation that will let you push yourself to the limit including wakeboarding; this is the boat.  Winner of three straight Rider's Choice awards and crafted for the professional wake rider, this is the boat that will shred just as hard as you can and then some!  The MasterCraft X-Star charter boat allows up to 15 passengers and has a 522 HP engine.  This is a wakeboarders dream boat.  This boat is also great for other water sports including wake skating, wake surfing, tubing, and knee boarding.

From Mastercraft.com:

The X-Star private charter boat is as much a study in modern design as it is in the development of modern wakeboarding itself. When we posed this question to our elite wakeboard team years ago, they didn’t have an answer.

"What can be done behind a boat?" We asked. "We don’t know, a boat that exceeds our limits doesn’t exist", they told us.

Ever since that group of pros helped us conceive the modern X-Star, our team (and the thousands of aspiring pros like them) has been pushing themselves, and their sport, forward. Each year, thousands of new tricks are landed by new riders who have answered the calling of the X-Star. Exquisitely sculpted and continually refined, the X-Star is defined not by what the boat is, but what it does.

MasterCraft X-30 Boat Charter

The X-30 guided charter boats are the perfect size for any group that has any desired water sport in mind; or lake tour.  You won't be disappointed with the wake behind this boat-ideal for lessons and landing your next trick. Our MasterCraft X-30's cruises are used with newer model boats loaded with all the options like perfect pass, tower lights and speakers, transom stereo remote, heater, shower, and much more.

Seating for 16 people will be perfect for your family or group of friends.  No matter what water toys you are using this boat can adapt to them all with the ballast tanks, and adjustable trim tab.  This chartered boat model has the largest engine allowed by MasterCraft the 400 hp LY6.  Try the X-30 charter boat at your Lake Powell, Lake Havasu, Lake Mead, or Lake Mohave vacation.

From Mastercraft.com:

Behind the X-30’s diamond transom is a water lover’s fantasyland.  With wakes which move from butter at 32 mph to bulging at 21, the X-30 guided tour boat singularly delivers skiers and riders equal doses of excitement. 

Our innovative, modified step hull and a series of terraced chines allow the X-30 to move freely at slalom speeds while sitting low when the speedometer inches below 22.  Enjoy all these boat charter options with family and firends at the most beautuiful lakes in the western United States.

MasterCraft X22 Boat Charter

Offering the new 2020 MasterCraft X22 wakeboard and water-ski boat charter with a 430 hp engine, and seating capacity for 16 people with tons of room to spare.  The X22 was the first deep tri-hull boat under 24' from MasterCraft which doesn't allow water to come over the bow as easily; allowing for smooth boat tours.  So you can feel confident you are going to get the perfect wake to throw down any trick. 

Whether you’re an amateur seizing the moment, or a pro dropping jaws at tournaments, the X22 charter tour boat delivers a rock-solid performance time after time with adjustable trim tabs and ballast tanks.  Just make sure you’re not repeating yourself.  This charter boat holds 70 gallons, and is 23'5" long, with enough storage capacity to hold all your gear.  We offer this amazing boat chartered; or try it out for yourself, and use our boat rental services.

From MasterCraft.com

Wakeboard lessons, wakeskate instruction, wake surf lessons, cruise, water ski, invent a new sport, the MasterCraft X22 boat rental is designed to put you in the spotlight with an array of other impressive features and amenities that definitely help you rise above it all. Such as a smoother ride from the X22's deeper, self-bailing hull, a reversible forward/backward-facing companion seat, and tons of storage. 

The X22 boat charters tout the infamous MasterCraft pickle fork design, originally created to supply more bow room and to give your water dwellers another entry point with its convenient bow ladder.  We can handle very large groups to individuals on our private boat tours.


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