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Invert Sports offers executive fractional houseboat and watercraft shared ownership with competition MasterCraft wakeboard - water ski - surf boats, houseboats, and Sea-Doo jet skis at Lake Powell National Recreation Area in Page, Arizona, Halls Crossing, Antelope Point and Bullfrog Marina, UT!  This allows you to own a little piece of the best equipment available on the waters of Lake Powell.  For those of you who already have a shared ownership houseboat at Lake Powell, and do not have your own boat, and personal watercraft; or if you would like to upgrade your own watercraft without all the hassles, and cost of owning it all yourself; this is a perfect fit!  For those of you who would like Lake Powell to be one of your yearly vacations, and you don't want to take care of all the upkeep, insurance, registration, storage, winterizing, and hassle of a houseboat, and watercraft; this is for you!

We have up to 18 prime weeks available for Lake Powell on these two models of MasterCraft boats.  These boat models have almost every upgrade, and are fully loaded with all the latest water sports equipment you could think of; so you don't have to bring anything with you.  The MasterCraft X24 holds up to 18 people, 24' 4" long, with a 430 hp engine.  The MasterCraft X22 holds up to 16 people, 22' 3" long, with a 430 hp engine.

Shared Ownership Wakeboard Boats
Shared Ownership Ski Boats X22
Fractional Ownership boats
Shared Ownership MasterCraft X24

In addition to your tournament wakeboard boat, we have new models of 2023 Sea-Doo 4-stroke jet skis available for shared ownership.  These jet skis hold up to 3 people and can pull almost any water toys behind them.  Pricing for these shared ownership jet skis includes two machines.

Check out our luxury houseboat shared (fractional) ownership.  Antiqua is a 72' houseboat with 2 master staterooms including baths, two down cuddies for the quests, 1/2 bath on the rear deck, a beautiful kitchen & salon with surround sound.  Shared ownership is a way to own a part of the boat to enable you to enjoy spending time on your own boat but sharing the initial purchase price and annual running costs.  There is a one-time cost to owning a percentage of the boat, in return, you receive one prime season week at Lake Powell with the option of using an off-peak season week as well.  You may also trade, buy another owner's week, or sell your ownership.

Timeshare Jet Skis
Sea-Doo jet skis shared ownership
Timeshare Ownership Boats
Timeshare Ownership Watercraft

The boat is managed for you so that you spend your time cruising rather than on administration and maintenance.  Shared ownership is different from a timeshare in that with shared ownership you actually own a percentage of the boat, and with a timeshare, you have purchased a membership to use the boat so many times per year, but do not own any portion of the boat.  Invert Sports offers timeshares, rentals, and shared ownership to accommodate any customer.


Houseoboat Shared Ownership
2008 Houseboat Timeshare Ownership

If you want the whole package with all the best equipment to make your trip memorable this is the perfect houseboat, ski boats, and jet skis available.  Here is what you get when owning shared ownership.

1. Houseboat, wakeboard boat, and equipment are located 15 min. away from all marinas; Wahweap, Bullfrog, Halls Crossing, or Antelope Point Marina at our location in Page, AZ.

2. The boats will be maintained and clean when you arrive.

3. We launch and retrieve all watercraft for you.

4. We clean, fix, and store the boats when you're done.

Shared ownership watercraft pricing:

2023 MasterCraft X24:  Shared Ownership cost $72,995.00 - Yearly Maintenance $2,495.00 - Launch & retrieve $1,595.00

2023 MasterCraft X22:  Shared Ownership cost $65,995.00 - Yearly Maintenance $2,495.00 - Launch & retrieve $1,595.00

2008 Antiquia Houseboat:  Shared Ownership cost $29,995.00 - Yearly Maintenance $2,995.00 - Launch & retrieve $1,995.00

2023 Sea-Doo 300hp Supercharged 3 seater jet skis (two): Ownership cost $19,995.00 - Yearly Maintenance $1,295.00 - Launch & retrieve $1,295.00

2023 Sea-Doo 130 Pro 3 seater jet skis (two): Ownership cost $13,995.00 - Yearly Maintenance $1,295.00 - Launch & retrieve $1,295.00

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