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Priest LakeOfficial provider of Priest Lake boat rentals, jet skis, water sports, and tours on this Idaho state park located in the northernmost portion of the Idaho Panhandle, 80 miles north of Spokane Washington, with the northern end of the lake extending to within 15 miles of the Canadian border.  The primary lake, lower Priest is 19 miles long and over 300 feet deep and Upper Priest is connected by a 2.5 mile thoroughfare to lower Priest and Upper Priest can only be accessed by boat, foot, or mountain bike. 

Outdoor recreation consist of wakeboarding, water skiing, flyboards, tubing, wakesurfing, waverunners, and more!  Visitors to the park will enjoy the dense forests of cedar, fir and tamarack and will be able to observe the park's year round inhabitants such as the whitetail deer, black bear, moose and bald eagles.  Noted for its extremely clear water, fed by streams cascading from the high Selkirk peaks, the main body of Priest Lake extends north south for 19 miles.  Blue Diamond Resort and Marina which we service all marinas with our watercraft.

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