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INVERT SPORTS is officially the largest and #1 lake, and area provider of jet ski rentals, sea-doo rental, waverunner rental, and personal watercraft rentals in the United States.

We offer the nicest and most current model jet ski rentals from Yamaha; enjoy the Yamaha VX Deluxe 1100cc three person sit down wave runner rentals with reverse, the super charged Yamaha FX Sho, VXR and VXS models 1812cc three seater, and the Super Jet 701cc stand up single person jet ski rental!  We have single and double trailers available to suit your needs.  We also offer on the water watercraft rentals at all freshwater lakes, reservoirs, and rivers in the western United States if you don't have a tow vehicle, or if you prefer the convenience.  Double skis, tubes, wake skate, kneeboard, flyboard jet packs, and wakeboards can be pulled out of the water with these powerful jet ski rentals in most cases; this is based on weight, driver, and the skill level of the rider.  Here is more information on the Yamaha jet ski rentals we offer:

VX Deluxe waverunner rental (with reverse) is powered by Yamaha MR-1 four stroke engine.  This is a compact, ultra-lightweight, 110 horsepower machine, four -cylinder, 1052cc, DOHC, 20 valve, liquid-cooled engine for class-leading performance.

Electronic Fuel Injection:  Delivers a smooth, high power output with low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions.

Yamaha Engine Management System:  An integrated, computerized management system that controls and adjusts such functions as ignition timing, fuel injection mapping, engine diagnostics and OTS.  The OTS function of Y.E.M.S activates when the operator releases the throttle lever and attempts to steer the watercraft.  This assists the operator in turning while the watercraft rental is decelerating.

These are just a few things the VX Deluxe Yamaha jet ski rental offers.  Invert Sports can take care of all your waverunner, jet ski, and PWC rentals.  Delivery and pick-up options available on watercraft rentals to most lakes and reservoirs.  All of our Personal WaterCraft rentals (PWC) come with all the safety equipment required by law.

The New Yamaha FX SHO, VXR and VXS models are Invert Sports newest jet ski model, and we are the only company offering this high output super charged three person jet ski rental. This three seater jet ski rental is the lightest and fastest in it's class; and will pull up any size person on any water sport including slalom skiing. This machine has 230 hp turbo charged engine. Some of the options include rear step bar for easy access, cruise control, wakeless push button, water tight storage, and so much more!

The FX SHO, VXR and VXS is powered by a 1.8 liter, supercharged, super high output Yamaha Marine Engine. This 1812cc engine, which is purpose built for the marine environment, is the largest displacement engine ever installed in a personal watercraft. It is also optimized to run on the least expensive Regular Unleaded fuel.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI); Throttle position sensor (TPS) and intake air pressure and air temperature sensors supply the optimum air/fuel mixture. The results are a smooth, high power output with low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions. Specially Designed, One-piece Cylinder and Crankcase Assembly: Provides tremendous engine rigidity that's lighter and stiffer than two-piece designs. Slant Detection Switch: Electronic switch stops engine and oil pumps immediately if watercraft becomes overturned, protecting motor from unwanted water ingestion.

High Volume Intake Box: With water repellent air filter and flame arrestors  SAWS (Scavenger Assist Wet Sump): Equipped with a high-performance, compact gas-liquid separator, this engine uses Yamaha's unique ultra compact lubrication system and the oil pan structure.  Corrosion Protection System: Sacrificial zinc anodes protect the engine from harmful galvanic corrosion.

Stainless steel fasteners (nuts, bolts, hardware) provide a long service life. Cylinders, cases and heads are all treated with a durable oxide coating to form a barrier between corrosion and expensive engine parts.  Electronically Controlled, Variable Ignition Timing: For exact ignition advance control at all throttle positions and RPMs.  Direct Ignition: For more efficient combustion.

Invert Sports would like to introduce for the 2011 season the new SuperJet stand up jet ski rental from Yamaha, we are the only rental company that offers a true stand up jet ski rental.  If you love getting air, this is the jet ski for you.  Here are the specs on the new superjet watercraft rental: Perfectly balanced for hard cornering and wide-open straight-aways, the newly designed SuperJet hull features molded-in sponsons positioned forward on the craft that increase the wetted surface area of the hull. This allows the craft to turn easier while making the SuperJet rental more stable for novice and intermediate level riders.

The SuperJet waverunner rental is powered by a high-performance, two-cylinder, 701cc Yamaha marine engine. Two 38mm Mikuni carburetors feed this world-class powerplant, providing excellent throttle response throughout the total RPM range.  Rent one of these amazing waverunner, and sea doo rentals today!  Covering jet ski rentals at all lakes and reservoirs in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Idaho, and Wyoming.  Offering Lake Powell jet ski rentals, Lake Havasu jet ski rental, Lake Mohave jet ski rental, Lake Mead waverunner rentals, and more.


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