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Lake TappsThe source and visitor information about Lake Tapps boat rentals, jet skis, flyboard, water sports, and boat tour services at this reservoir in Pierce County, Washington.  Lake Tapps homeowners signed an agreement that guarantees full recreational lake levels throughout the summer for all to enjoy wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing, wakesurfing, stand up paddle boards, kneeboarding, camping, hiking, and other activities. 

Lake Tapps is about 4.5 square miles in surface area and has about 45 miles of shoreline.  The local terrain is such that the shape of the shoreline is very complex, with many inlets, peninsulas, and islands making for a beautiful outdoor vacation.  The lake is also known to hold many fish including carp, Smallmouth bass, perch, and tiger musky for anglers to catch.  Watercraft must be reserved at least 48 hours in advance so please plan ahead and enjoy Northwest Marina and resort where you can enjoy watercraft from Invert Sports.

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