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Utah LakeVisitor information on Utah Lake boat rentals and jet ski rental comany which has the finest in quality wakeboard boats, jet skis, and waverunner rentals at this beautiful State Park.  Utah Lake is a freshwater lake located in the heart of Provo, Utah in Utah County.  With a surface area of 96,900 acres, it is the largest natural fresh water lake west of the Great Lakes.  Located on the western side of Utah Valley, Mount Timpanogos and Mount Nebo tower 7,500 feet over the lake; allowing a beautiful view of Utah Lake.  The lake's only river outlet, the Jordan Rive, is a tributary of the Great Salt Lake and is highly regulated with pumps.  Evaporation accounts for 42% out the outflow of the lake, which leaves the lake very shallow, and reaching only 12 feet deep in most areas of Utah Lake.  The elevation of the lake is legally at 4,489 feet above sea level.  If the lake elevation goes any higher, the Jordan River pumps and gates are left wide open.

Utah Lake is so large that you can always get away from other boaters and water skiers, the lake has several marinas including Provo Harbor, American Fork Boat Harbor, Pleasant Grove Marina, Saratoga Springs Dock, and Spanish Fork Marina.  Although thirteen species of fish are native to the lake, only the Utah sucker and the critically endangered June sucker remain.  By far, the dominant species in the lake is the common carp, introduced in 1883 as an alternative to the over harvested native fish.  The carp is now estimated at 90% of the lake and is contributing to a decline in native fish populations by severely altering the ecosystem.  Utah Lake State Park is great for water sports because of the calm water condition during the day hours.  Offering water sport lessons and guide lake tours including; flyboard water jet pack, wakesurfing lessons, water skiing, kneeboarding, wakeboarding, wakeskating, and tubing at Utah Lake is perfect for any family, business or friends outing.

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