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Fallen Leaf LakeOfficial information on Fallen Leaf Lake boat rentals, jet ski, and water sport boat tour services at this amazing location near the California-Nevada state border.  It is approximately aligned north-to-south and oval in shape, measuring approximately 2.9 miles.  Fallen Leaf is approximately 415 feet at its deepest point, which is east of the sheer face of Cathedral Peak and north of Stanford Sierra Camp.  The average depth of the lake is around 240 feet, and the bottom falls away rapidly as one moves away from the shorelines.  Along other shores, the bottom may be hidden in as little as 100 feet offshore. 

Most homes that have lake front property have docks or boathouses, generally with water sport boats.  The marina has room for approximately 60 boats, many of which are owned by property owners without direct access to the water.  Wakeboard and waterski boats are the most common because of the nice water, followed by dedicated fishing boats, a few sailboats and pontoon boats, and some manually propelled craft.  Kayaking, waksurfing, flyboards, tubing, paddle boarding are becoming more popular for locals and tourist at the lake.

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