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More information about the MasterCraft X-Star boat rentals:

We now offer the new 2018 MasterCraft X-star models seating up to 15 passengers!  With 3000 lbs of ballast tanks and the new Gen2 surf system with all the boat model option upgrades this is the best boat you can rent period!  The MasterCraft X-Star wakeboard boat rental is a known quantity and can stand on its own in terms of real “wake world” credibility – it is the only ski boat to win 5 consecutive WakeWorld.com Rider’s Choice Awards which means most riders recognize the superiority of this wakeboard boat machine, even if they ride behind the “other guys” boats.  The MasterCraft X-Star wake boat has pulled more official 1080’s than any other – notably the hardest trick in the current book but apparently a little easier with the wake of the X-Star boat rental.  You can choose between the 2010 models which seat up to 12 people and the 2018 models which seat up to 15 people. 

The MasterCraft X-Star wakeboard boat rental has the unmatched innovation of the AP-1 hull which means the X-Star doesn’t need gimmicks like a trim tab or foil to create the ultimate wake.  The MasterCraft X-Star is was the first boat designed with the innovative pickle-fork bow that allows for more seating and also creates space for the standard bow ladder and anchor locker.  The X-Star comes standard with a tower, rotating board racks, hard triple tank ballast system that will gulp down 1000 lbs of H20, and a premier sound system from clarion that will let everyone know you have definitely arrived.  Enjoy the iPod hookup for all your favorite tunes!  The MasterCraft X-Star has nearly 90 cubic feet of storage for all your wake board stuff; and more ballast sacks.  The old MasterCraft X-Star has the low v-hull front, and is smooth in rough water while driving.  The new 2017 X-Star powers through the rough water and sits higher out of the water.

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