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Lake Powell ToursComplete information on Lake Powell boat tours to any area on this beautiful lake.  Some of the most popular tours include; Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Dangling Rope Marina, Padre Bay, Last Chance Bay, Escalante River, Glen Canyon Dam, and Navajo Canyon.  The hired boat tour services to this area are specific to the customers request  and are offed at all marinas on Lake Powell in Utah and Arizona.  One of the private group boat trips leads up to the Rainbow Bridge walk path; once there you can take a short hike to see this natural wonder. 

We use our luxury and very spacious water sport boats made by MasterCraft for our Rainbow Bridge and Lake Powell boat trips.  This boat cruise at Lake Powell will take you past the Glen Canyon Dam and National Recreation Area, Antelope Point Canyon, and Navajo Canyon with many other canyons on the way.  Enjoy swimming, taking pictures, hiking, and even water sport activities like wakeboarding, waterskiing, tubing, and more.  Visit beautiful Rainbow Bridge and Lake Powell with a group of friends, family, or business tour.  All group sizes and ages can be accommodated with our luxury boat charters at Lake Powell, and if you prefer we allow you to let us know what locations you would like to see on the lake and what marina you would like to start from.

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