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Olympia, Shoreline and Spokane Boat RentalsVisitors guide and information on Spokane boat rentals, jet ski, waverunners, and outdoor water sport boat tours and charters at all lakes in the state and also cities including Olympia, Shoreline and more.  Spokane is a city located in the Northwestern United States and is the largest city of Spokane County and the metropolitan center of the Inland Northwest region.  The city is located on the Spokane River about 90 miles south of the Canadian border, approximately 15 miles from the Washington–Idaho border, and 230 miles east of Seattle. 

Spokane lies in the Columbia Plateau ecoregion on the eastern edge of the basaltic Channeled Scablands steppe, a plain that then eventually rises sharply to the east towards the rugged, timbered Rocky Mountain foothills, the Selkirk Mountains.  This area creates a nice outdoor activity center for all types of motor sports and non-motorized equipment.  Enjoy wakeboarding, flyboards, water skiing, hunting, camping, boating, fishing, hiking, and more.  The most prominent water feature in the area is the Spokane River, a 111-mile tributary of the Columbia River, originating from Lake Coeur d'Alene in northern Idaho.  The river flows west across the Washington state line through downtown Spokane, meeting Latah Creek, then turns to the northwest where it is joined by the Little Spokane River on its way to join the Columbia River, north of Davenport.

Enjoy Olympia boat rentals which is the capital city of the state of Washington and the county seat of Thurston County.  Olympia has a wide array of public parks and nature conservation areas to enjoy biking, mountain climbing, birdwatching, wakesurfing, and paddleboarding.  The Woodard Bay Natural Resources Conservation Area is a 600-acre parcel that preserves more than 5 miles of Puget Sound waterfront along the Woodard and Chapman bays of the Henderson Inlet.  Percival Landing Park includes 1 mile of boardwalk along Budd Inlet, as well as a playground, picnic areas and a large open space for locals and tourist from around the world.  The Watershed Park is the site of the former waterworks for the city, and today features a loop trail with a large second-growth forest for businesses, families, and individuals to enjoy.

Offering the best high-end Shoreline boat rentals in this city in King County, Washington, north of Downtown Seattle bordering the northern Seattle city limits.  There are 335 acres of park land in Shoreline, divided among 25 parks which are well maintained for the public.  Shoreview and Boeing Creek Parks, which abut Shoreline Community College, contain a ravine through which flows Boeing Creek on its way to Hidden Lake and Puget Sound.  According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 11 square miles, of which, 10 square miles is land and 0.03 square miles is water.  The city of Shoreline also contains an exclusive gated community, The Highlands, which manages its own utilities separately from Shoreline.  Enjoy Malibu boat rentals and Yamaha jet skis from the premier provider in the nation from Invert Sports.  The Richmond Beach neighborhood occupies the northwest corner of the city.

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