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Seminoe ReservoirExperience the best information on Seminoe Reservoir boat rentals, jet skis, water sports, wave runners, tours and watercraft services.  The State Park is surrounded by giant dunes of white sand, acres of sagebrush, thousands of pronghorn antelope and sage grouse, all under the bluest of Wyoming skies which is a great location for a family or friend gathering.  Located 34 miles northeast of Rawlins, Seminoe State Park features the moon-like Seminoe Mountains, Seminoe Reservoir and the "Miracle Mile" of the North Platte River.  The reservoir is home to both trout and walleye. 

The park provides facilities for anglers, boaters, picnickers, campers and hikers.  Seminoe has 180 miles of shoreline and is one of the largest man-made reservoirs in Wyoming and the largest of the Wyoming State Parks system.  The Seminoe Reservoir, a major feature of the Kendrick Project, provides storage capacity for water to irrigate project lands.  Seminoe State Park provides 3 campgrounds and 3 boat ramps.  Adjacent to Seminoe Dam, near the north end of the reservoir, the Morgan Creek drainage area comprises approximately 4,752 acres of forested lands within the Seminoe Mountains.

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