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Invert Sports has been operating for almost two decades and offers the best quality and largest fleet of MasterCraft boat rentals, jet skis, water sports equipment, total houseboat vacation packages, corporate retreats, water sport charters and tours.   We have a great reputation, large customer base, and offer exceptional customer service.  Everyone at Invert Sports loves their job and works hard for every customer to make sure those customers have an amazing experience with our rentals and recreational services.

We have many highly ranked and visited websites, with over 450,000 views annually.  We have a dedicated call, text and phone tracking system that allows flexibility for our reservation specialists and customers.  The system also provides recorded reservation confirmation for our customers and call data analytics.

We are always updating our watercraft inventory for our customers, as they expect the best performance and well maintained machines.  As a result we see less than 1% downtime per year for customers using our watercraft services.  Due to the frequent watercraft purchases, Invert Sport receives dealer and manufacture pricing on all products, services and supplies.  Because of our high standards, we maintain excellent relationships with our product and service providers.

The efficiencies listed above and other proprietary practices allow us to operate a highly profitable seasonal business between the months of March and October.  Within these month, the bulk of our business is conducted between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  However, with proper positioning the business could readily be expanded to operate year round.  We are currently in various stages of planning and implementing some of these positioning options. 

The asking price, which includes all of the assets of the company is $3,985,000.  The assets of the company include, but are not limited to the following:

Prime commercial warehouse and office building 6,600 sq ft located: Orem, Utah.

10 MasterCraft Boats with trailers

18 Yamaha jet skis with trailers

3 Service trucks

Water sports equipment and gear for all water sports

All machines, supplies and tools associated with business operation

Websites, email lists, and phone systems -

While available funds or third party financing with a date-certain closing is the preferred method of sale, we are open to discussions regarding other methods of sale, including, but not limited to a joint venture structure, consulting arrangement, and date-certain training and transition.

**Only qualified, highly interested buyers need inquire, as we will require a non-disclosure agreement and other verifications, including financial qualifications, prior to providing additional information regarding the sale of this business.

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