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More information on the Centurion Falcon boat rentals:

Fine-tuned for the power, speed, excellence, superior handling and soft wakes ski boats are known for, the Centurion Elite Warrior Falcon boat rental sets the bar higher.  It may be the 21 ft. 6 in. long, but the wide-body hull is bound to be more than any other direct drive boat rental you could bargain for.  You will find quality snap-out carpet, a built-in insulated cooler, plus ample room to move from the spacious bow to aft without having to side-step through the cockpit.  This v-hull Centurion wakeboard boat rental handles rough water well at all major housboating lakes.

Step into the Air Warrior Falcon Elite towboat boat rental V-Drive C4 and you’ll think you won the lottery.  You get everything you want, including V-drive, without having to shell out for it.  At low speeds, you get a sweet ramp perfect for stomping your latest wakeboard trick.  Lay into the throttle a bit and watch the wake disappear, leaving a blank canvas for your slalom ski.  The wraparound seating feels like a floating living room, with a built-in cooler, Sony CD stereo with iPod hookup, and four ballast tanks to seal the deal.  For a performance boat rental price, you can’t beat the Air Warrior Elite V-drive Falcon rental.

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